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Since God gives us a creative mind, please use it to learn, study and discern what's available in the alternative news because the mainstream media only brainwashes and mind controls us with their lies

Since God gives us a creative mind, please use it to learn, study and discern what's available in the alternative news because the mainstream media only brainwashes and mind controls us with their lies

It is with sincere hope that US citizens along with all people of "Earth" wake up asap to what have been done to them without their consent or knowledge and take back our planet from these reptilian usurpers with the "POWER OF THE PEN".  Please do your homework, there's no more "theories" but facts here.  Along with God's guidance and knowledge, "United WE CAN DO IT !!!!"


Let's get some basic understanding so to move forward with exposure, light, and love, and knowledge.

Who are we? 

Basically, we are spiritual beings from all civilizations of the universe coming here to cleanse our souls and experience "physical life" here on planet earth (aka "cosmic classroom") and each "soul" may take as many lifetimes as needed to come back and learn whatever his/her soul contract has to (souls are immortals).  Please see the following link for more understanding:

Japanese Princes Nakamura shares her wisdom and knowledge with us about our souls and their eternal lives:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb0hA1A5N8A&NR=1   (Princess Nakamaru of Japan - part 1 of 3 - - Life for the souls is eternal, reincarnation etc...)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE6fcOjO1wM&NR=1   (Princess Nakamaru of Japan - part 2 of 3 w/ Zagami)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp-hJXZ3J2s&NR=1    (Princess Nakamaru of Japan - part 3 of 3)

 We all come from various planets and even universes


Who is the enemy of man (aka the anti-christ)?

Our planet here has been controlled (for thousands of years) by evil aliens / reptilians.  Please see a good introduction from Phil Schneider (also speaking of "alien control of our planet are David Icke, Stan Deyo, Michael Tsarion, Alex Collier, Commander Hatonn and many others ...) 

Lies about Aliens on our planet (June 19, 2011)

9/12/11 - LEAKED Insider Recording About NASA UFOs | Aliens | Moon - - ETs


A carpenter who woke up, shares his view as what the truth / facts are (video uploaded on June 19, 2011):

Other video links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR46QjXjLH0 (Alex Collier  - - October 2, 2009)

http://tinyurl.com/6olpohr  (Stan Deyo)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfJMCswU5tE (Michael Tsarion 1/19)

The 13 reptilian ET families controlling this planet (see picture at end of page), they are GREY MEN from ORION:     

 (more on 13 reptilian bloodlines) - - - known also as the "grey men" from ORION CONFEDERATION  - - quoting from page 2 of:   
"“Large-nosed Greys” (perhaps the distinctive Jewish Khazarian “beaked” nose has a cosmic identification as well)  were the ancient visitors to Khazaria in southern Russia, and they are the EXTRATERRESTRIAL genetic lineage to today’s Jews of Israel."   More on reptiles:   

 (The enemy is very much within)

http://www.hoaxofthecentury.com/BushBrothersASpyAWarHero1.htm  (The nazis in the white house - part 24 - see bottom of page for all parts from 1 on - - 2 bush brothers, a nazi spy and a nazi war hero )

Essentially, these ETs / luciferian guys (aka as zionist jews, yiddish speaking jews, non semite jews, non judean hebrew jews, fake jews, false jews, imposter jews, hollywood jews, khazarian jews, luciferian jews, satanic jews, zionist luciferian jews, southern russians, mongolian jews, turkish jews, finnish jews, askenazi jews, anti-christ jews, serpent people, parasite jews, reptilian bosheviks, 13th tribe, parasite jews, anti-christ jews etc...) are the ones behind the killings around the world.  They control this planet through their banks (BIS, IMF, Federal Reserve) doing fractional banking.  They trained others (who sold their souls to the devil) such as some italians - - mafia - - and countles other groups / organizations around the world to help advance their "depopulation agenda engraved in stone" before the
cosmic cycle ends.

Their enslavement formula / aka fractional banking:
 Pages 1-3 :  Usury :  Secret banking formula to enslave us, aka fractional banking:


12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King

(Selected by Blood and not elected by votes) 

These khazar jews are satanists:

Bill Clinton lied on camera about the knowledge of Bohemian club / Bohemian grove:

These "beasts" have lied and deceived us and use:    Private corporations run the USA:

Non-profit Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 4/19/89 File No. 2193946

(USA Corporation...disguised as Federal Gov't - - using a fraudulent constitution.  See the most important document on earth at link below:

For Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 7/12/33
File No. 0325720

Non-profit Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 9/13/14
File No. 0042817

For Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 3/9/83
File No. 2004409

For-Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date: 11/13/89
File No. 2213135


They use our US Flag and put the gold fringe on it = that's a no no !!!  Please see more info below:







What the UN never wants you to know:

"USA is a british colony" - - more info can be found by googling / youtubing:  http://tinyurl.com/3e26dfx

United States is a british colony and it's controlled by their servants who are the politicians running the private corporations (seen above) under a fake / fraudulent Corporate Constitution (not the US Constitution)

Lots of politicians are lawyers and in order to "practice law - - not do it" they have to take a secret oath called "kol nidre" (israeli) and work for the british crown by joining the "traitors gang" called BAR – - ->  see definition below:
BAR = British Accredited Registry - -  see following link:
 http://tinyurl.com/2ds553d  because USA has been a british colony on paper for a long long time...so

http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/101208.pdf  (What is the jewish "kol nidre")

When did the satanic khazarians take over the USA?      It was in 1917:


In actuality the conquest of the United States of America started right after its conception—and the realization that the “New World” was not just some little island in the West Indies. The more land you conquered from your Native American brothers, the more the elite Club Of Rome understood what they had to contend with. America (“Heaven on Earth”) was not just a vast mineral and agricultural resource to be plundered and raped—it was the beginning of the end of the elite’s rule over the “Old World”.

So all their know-how and cunning went to stopping this young REPUBLIC (NOT DEMOCRACY!) from coming into being. The Federal Reserve was the tool that was going to do it for them. By creating a “central bank” (something everyone was running away from in Europe) in this “Free” Nation, it would be possible to win a war with America ECONOMICALLY, even though you might not win militarily. But the real takeover started in 1917 with the loss of America’s true ally—Czarist CHRISTIAN Russia.

Before the Russian Revolution Nicholas II, Czar of Imperial Russia (before it became Anti-God and called itself the Soviet Union), was the only friend the fledgling United States had. He made sure that England and France stayed out of the conflict while the founding fathers cemented your new Republic AND ITS CONSTITUTION in a foundation that would give you a fighting chance against Satanic Jewish domination. And for that, he and his family (though his small son miraculously escaped) were huddled into a room and slaughtered. After that the Jews, who were called BOLSHEVIKS, went out for more blood, and murdered (“PURGED” as they put it) 100 MILLION CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS IN COLD BLOOD! I want to go back to this period because on July 4, 1917, those same Bolshevik Jews dynamited and razed my magnificent Wardenclyffe Tower and Power Plant at Shoreham, Long Island. You see, America, you had it before them all. Not only did I give you free and unlimited electrical power, but you had in the palm of your hand a weapon that made you invincible to any foe on the earth AND THREE HUNDRED MILES OUT INTO SPACE!

All “wireless” capability, such as cell phones, fax transmission, radio, television, remote control, submarines, vertical take off and landing aircraft (VTOL), missile guidance systems, electronic shields to protect an entire continent from nuclear, biological and even chemical attack—and MUCH MORE—were all given to YOU first, by me.”

Breakdown of different ETs living in the USA 
(including benevolent ones too) :

According to Val Valerian, overall we are made up with 21 kinds of DNA / RNA


Secret societies at war, The war will soon be over. Benjamin Fulford with Vinny Eastwood (25 October 2011)

Good News lately:


A Big Victory for Planet Earth's citizens / Spiritual beings with the help of our space brothers from Andromeda:

Andromeda Council:
Removing Draco & Hydra reptilian undersea bases from the Middle East and China  - - - October 26, 2011:

Andromeda Council: Andromeda Council: Comet 17P Holmes as prelude to 4th dimensional Earth - - Tolec - -  

Uploaded by on Dec 22, 2011


More info links about "reptilian bases destroyed":

Many Underground Command Centers Now Destroyed

2011 December 3

Update from David Wilcock on September 16, 2011  
80 different countries have now formed an alliance against the Old World Order / Nazi-esque cabal (reptilian bases in Colorado and Virginia destroyed !!!)
Update from David Wilcock (Monday, 31 October 2011)
 Old World Order nearing defeat:

Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal

Posted by Laura Tyco November 22, 2011 

Arrest Bush, says Amnesty International

Posted by Laura Tyco December 2, 2011


The lawsuit that could end the gangster rule of Western civilization

November 24th, 201

More details on the lawsuit can be studied at:



Our planet is not the only one under siege by these bad reptilians.  Please pray that our Andromedans can help them out too.

There are another 21 planets (just like ours) enslaved by these bad reptilians / aliens.


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